November 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

I must admit that I’m a little biased towards today’s couple. Their cascading succulent cake is one of my most recent favorites we’ve done here in the bakery. In fact, it may or may not be the current lock screen photo on my cell phone.

One of our wonderful decorators, Christina, spent days hand sculpting and painting the gorgeous edible succulents for Julie and Victor’s cake. After seeing the finished work of art it was impossible to not be in awe of the hard work and love that she poured into making their cake. It was truly gorgeous! 

Julie Crouse and Victor Benning met over seven years ago while both working at the Borders Bookstore in Midtown, Atlanta. Their first date actually started out as an accident. They were supposed to be spending a night out with a group of friends from work, but they were the only two to show up! They ended up having such a wonderful time that they had to visit a total of three restaurants that night so they could keep talking. The couple realized they shared an obvious connection, and have been together ever since!
Their engagement story isn’t a typical one.  They have been together a long time, and just didn’t feel that marriage suited them. Julie jokes that they kept an ongoing list of reasons why they should or should not get married (in my imagination this list would read something like: Julie – leaves hair in the bathtub, feet are always cold, hates football. Victor – leaves socks everywhere, snores, watches the news too much). You know, the typical fun inside humor that all great couples share. After six years together, the list of reasons to get married were starting to outgrow the reasons not to.  They talked about it and decided there had been a serious change of heart.

The proposal itself was a complete surprise to Julie. While visiting her family in Winston-Salem, NC, Julie and Victor spent the day together at the Reynolda Gardens. The gardens are one of Julie’s favorite places in the world. She grew up going to the gardens with her mother, sister and grandmother and they hold many dear memories for her. She was so preoccupied with enjoying her surroundings that she didn’t even notice how flustered Victor became as they walked along. Without even realizing, Julie turned to Victor as they reached the center of the garden and was completely surprised that he was down on one knee to propose!

Julie and Victor were married on October 12, 2013 at the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, NC. Their beautiful celebration centered around a more natural theme. Incorporating beautiful succulents and greenery into their bouquets, table arrangements, and décor. 

Although Victor isn’t much of a cake person, Julie insists our cake is so great we converted him! Our use of all natural ingredients and talented team of decorators are what initially interested the couple in our bakery. We’re so honored they chose us! For their gorgeous succulent themed cake the couple chose Fresh Strawberry Buttercream (Julie’s favorite) and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip (Victor’s favorite). 

Photography - Elly of Old South Studios 
Coordinator - Coordinated Events