April 3, 2012

Fun Easter inspiration

We have a new staff member on hand who has been around the block a few times when it comes to blogging.  Hayley is a fan of food and has been such a great addition to our shop.  She was interested in doing an Easter blog for us....and we wanted to let her do her thing, so I am going to turn it over to Hayley!!

Easter is fast approaching and many of us will be cooking for our families and friends next Sunday.  Some of us go the traditional route, dishing up dinner with a baked ham or leg of lamb but if you’re looking to break out of your routine, consider having brunch instead – you’ll give your guests the best of both worlds, satisfying both savory and sweet tooths.  Here are some delicious recipes we came across:

·         Hot Cross Buns:  While these old-fashioned treats may not be recognized by a lot of us these days, they’re the perfect addition to brunch and are customarily only eaten between Lent and Easter so if you’re feeling festive, now is definitely the time to make them!  These yeasty sweet rolls are full of aromatic spices like clove, cinnamon and nutmeg, are studded with currants and finished with their trademark glazed cross.  We like this recipe:  http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/hot_cross_buns/.

·         Carrot Cake Pancakes:  Carrot cake plus pancakes equals a match made in heaven – how could you go wrong with carrot cake pancakes?  Especially on Easter. 

·         Asparagus:  It’s in season and it brings color and elegance to the table.  Plus, you have to have something on your plate that will make you feel less guilty about eating those carrot cake pancakes.  Check out these two recipes for different ways to eat this spring veggie:  http://paninihappy.com/grilled-asparagus-tartines-with-fresh-ricotta-pesto-and-scallions/http://crumpetsandcakes.blogspot.com/2010/03/feeling-green-asparagus-tart.html.

·         Pink Deviled Eggs:  Skip your regular deviled eggs recipe and add some color to those eggs by pickling them in beet juice – clever and colorful, they’re almost too pretty to eat!   http://blondiescakes.blogspot.com/2011/08/she-deviled-eggs.html

·         Rabbit Punch:  It wouldn’t be brunch if a cocktail weren’t involved.  This Rabbit Punch is fruity, springy and appropriately named:  http://www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/drinks/cocktails/spring-brunch/recipes/food/views/Rabbit-Punch-394703.

If you have kids, chances are you’re up to the usual activities involved with the holiday – a visit to sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap, Easter egg hunts and shopping for Easter basket loot.  Check out the following tips for some other fun, kid-friendly ways to celebrate the day.

·         D.I.Y. Dyes:  If dying Easter eggs is a fond pastime of yours, forgo the standard coloring kit and try Bon App√©tit Magazine’s guide to creating easy, natural and harm-free dyes.  Using ingredients like beets and turmeric to create vibrant and classy hues, it’s a safe and thrifty activity to do with your kids this Easter:  http://www.bonappetit.com/ideas/natural-easter-egg-dyes/search.

·         Polka Dot Eggs:  These adorable D.I.Y. eggs are easy to make and would be an excellent addition to your Easter table:  http://www.larecetadelafelicidad.com/2012/03/huevos-pascua.html.

·         Glamour Peeps!  There’s a recipe for everything these days so naturally there’s a recipe for beloved Easter treat Peeps.  These sugar-coma inducing marshmallow chicks are only seen once a year but now you can make them yourself and these glamour peeps are much cuter and more sophisticated than the store-bought kind.  What a cute and crafty project and kids can help!  http://butrcreamblondi.blogspot.com/2012/03/glamour-peeps-20.html.

·         Homemade “Reese’s” Eggs:  If you’re feeling particularly ambitious in the kitchen, you could certainly give Reese’s a run for their money with this sinful recipe by renowned chocolatier Jacques Torres:  http://www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/holidays/easter/jacquestorreschocolate/recipes/food/views/Peanut-Butter-Chocolate-Eggs-357709.