March 30, 2012

Dessert Tables for any occasion!

Whenever there is a reason to celebrate, there is a reason for cake.  Weddings, birthdays, graduations, babies, engagements and even when purchasing a new home.  And when there's a need for a great dessert display....why stick to tradition?

There are so many fun ways to make the cake table a part of the party decor, from adding to the color creating a centerpiece for a room.  Ruffled blog featured a few ideas of bringing in LOTS of color and LOTS of creativity when it comes to cake tables.  

A combination of cake, brownies, cupcakes and other sweet treats get mouths watering right away!  Check out the Ruffled blog to see more ideas for a memorable display.  

Birthday parties are a great way to get more out of your cake table.  It can become a focal point for the theme and give that little extra pizazz for the party.  This idea would be great for a teenager or even a 20 something gal....vibrant colors and geometric touches really do the trick.

A good, Southern feel is something that soothes the soul.  This would be a great setup for a more intimate wedding reception or even a family reunion.  There is a touch of elegance to these homemade cakes, but they still tempt you to swipe your finger in the icing for a quick taste.  Different textures and toppings create a luscious presentation.

For a more casual celebration, we are seeing more and more people use several cakes with coordinating decoration to fill the cake table.  We are able to focus on a color scheme to design cakes that have a slight variation for visual interest.  

This is one of my favorite seen on the Polka Dot Made blog.  A mix of different desserts and candies create a unique dessert table that is never boring.  The variety of cake stands, cake layers and goodies drew me right in.  This would be great for a vintage feel for that special birthday or Sunday brunch.  You can see the whole feature at