May 3, 2012

Just for you

Dessert.  Fun.   The two words should definitely go hand in hand, and that is exactly what we are seeing these days with more and more customers planning a dessert table at their special event.  There have always been the traditional cupcake trees that ooze fun and youthfulness........but now there are even more individual items that keep the adults coming back for seconds!

Cake pops have been in the spotlight for the last couple of years, but they are getting even more scrumptious with lots of flavor options and fun garnishes to give that extra pop of pizzazz...

Strawberry season has begun, so what better way to show a little Southern Hospitality than with a Strawberry Pot Shot.   Fresh sliced strawberries are cushioned between layers of shortcake and fresh whipped cream.

Macaroons have become so bright and colorful since the start of 2012.  Get an eye catching presentation with a range of flavors.  Some bakeries do these flavored from things like Praline and Lemon to Pistachio and Mint.  

A fruit parfait is a light and fresh end to a meal.  Fruits such as raspberry, pomegranate and key lime would be a hit at any party.

The newest concoction in the dessert world is the push-up pop.  These little delights are layers of cake and icing inside of a clear push-up sleeve.......just like the old days of Flintstones Push Up Sherbet Pops.

No matter what the occasion, it is always fun to celebrate when there is a little fun spread onto the dessert table!