January 10, 2014

We've been Scouted!

Have you heard of The Scout Guide? It’s a great little book that gives the lowdown on the best of local in a specific city, and Greensboro has officially been scouted! They scout everything from bakeries to financial institutions to antique shops. Bored with seeing all of the same big-box stores everywhere you go? Want to know where you can go within your neighborhood or while on vacation that will support local communities? Just ask Scout! They've already done all the hard work for you.
What started as a savvy local blog by a Charlottesville native has today turned in to a wonderful collection showcasing the best local businesses in communities across the United States. Co-founders Susie Matheson and Christy Ford began with the vision of directing the spotlight on the often hidden gems of their hometown. A vision that has now spread to over thirty cities! 
The guide is created from a firsthand perspective, with each cities editor and team being local community members. We're so honored to have been Scouted! 

Stop in the shop for something sweet and pick up your very own free copy! The books are so beautifully made we promise it'll be a new coffee table staple in your home. The entire guide is also available to read online. 

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