November 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

The fact that Sarah and Scott Foster both made the decision to attend North Carolina State University is a decision I’m sure the couple will never regret, and that doesn’t even factor in the academic benefits. We’re speaking more on the grounds of growth, love, coincidence (read: fate), and friendship.

Sarah and Scott met freshman year of college through pure happenstance. Sarah’s roommate happened to know a few fellow classmates from high school who were also attending NCSU at the time. Well, one of those friends just so happened to be Scott. The two were introduced and well, as Sarah puts it, the rest was history!

Part of that history involves a cold January weekend when the couple took a trip to the mountains of Georgia. It was just as lovely as one could imagine. A cabin overlooking the river, hiking routes planned, and a trip to the beautiful Amicalola falls. Just as the couple made their way in front of the falls, Scott got down on one knee and proposed! As I’m sure you figured out, Sarah said yes.

Sarah spoke of her cake tasting with Shannon Barbee as one of the beginning components that got her and Scott excited about planning their wedding. After Sarah fell in love with the cake we created for her sister’s wedding she said she knew she couldn’t go wrong with our bakery. The couple was married on September 14th, 2013 at Poplar Springs Church of Christ in King, NC followed by a reception at the Millennium Center in Winston-Salem, NC. It was a beautiful celebration with a wonderful Old Hollywood (Audrey Hepburn) theme.  For their special day, they chose Birthday Cake, Fresh Strawberry Buttercream, and Fresh Apple for their gorgeous three-tier cake.  To go along with their Old Hollywood theme, the couple decided to garnish the cake with beautiful white roses and a lovely crystal topper.

We’re so thankful to have been included in such a special day for a truly wonderful couple!

All photography by Lindsey Lee of Lindsey Lee Photography.