June 4, 2013

"For the Love of Food"

We were approached by Cindy Hsieh back in November 2012 about a film project that she was working on as a student at UNCG.  She was interested in the shop, and wondered if she would be able to use Maxie B's to shoot a bit of footage to include in her short film.  

As a recent graduate (Masters of Fine Arts in Film and Video Production) of UNCG, "For the Love of Food" was her thesis film; a requirement to complete the three-year degree. She told me that she had always loved romantic comedies and was determined to give it one more try since her first year film was supposed to be a romantic comedy and it didn't exactly turn out that way.

Cindy had originally written a different script for her thesis, but one of her classmates told her about a few wedding tastings she had been on and how they ended up with a lot of free food. From this, the idea spawned for her film: what if a guy and a girl posed as an engaged couple just for the free food? From here, the script came to life. 

Recently relocating to Los Angeles, CA, Cindy has plans to start work in narrative film production soon. 

We all enjoyed her film and hope you do, too!

Follow this link to watch Cindy's film: