May 19, 2011

V is for Vintage!

"V" is for VINTAGE!

I just love these stands!!!  We purchased them for a bride to use last year & have had so many people ask about them for birthday parties, weddings and baby showers.  There are three to a set and are topped with clear glass.  Beautiful crystals and beaded strands dangle from a scalloped, iron border....making the perfect accent to any dessert setup.  

The wedding that we ordered them for originally was a unique outdoor setup that incorporated a lot of vintage elements.  The cakes had a poppy theme that brought the it all to life, as well as a country flair that set the mood all around. 

 (Shots by Alexa's Photography)

If you like the look and you are a crafty, DIY sort of person.....take a peek at these stands that were featured by Martha Stewart!