May 18, 2011

U is for Unbelievable!

We have featured lots of cakes over the last several of our more recent ones takes the cake; literally!  I worked via email and phone with Tenessia who lives in Boone, NC to create the perfect cake for her son's 1st birthday celebration.  This cake and this party is unbelievable.


Tenessia and her husband, Patrick live in Boone and we were lucky enough to work with them to design a custom birthday cake for their son, Cayman.  When they were planning the party, they decided to go with a theme that Cayman's nursery had in it...PETER RABBIT.  

The party was for both the kids as well as adults, with a bounce house, popcorn machine, glass bottles of Coke. 

The centerpieces were fresh veggies which we also accented on the cake and balloons were the main thing!  There were over 250 balloons because nothing says party like balloons!  

The cake was the main centerpiece and everyone enjoyed the traditional Cream Cheese Poundcake......they wanted to know how it was possible to get a cake that looked so great, to taste great?  Well, we did it!

Cayman had his own cake to play in which was a replica of his own stuffed Peter Rabbit doll.....precious!

I am sure that everyone was pooped after the party, but lots of good memories were made which makes it all worth it!  

Thanks to Tenessia, Patrick and Cayman for sharing their fun shots with us~