May 12, 2011

T is for Topsy Turvy!

We get so many comments on our Mad-Hatter style cakes.   If not for the amazing artistry put into these cakes, they are just a great conversation piece for any event!

"T" is for TOPSY TURVY!

How do you keep them from falling over?
How long do you take to make one?
Do you have special pans to bake them in?
What flavors can you use?
Do you have to cover the whole cake in fondant?

We get all kinds of questions about these we go.  Let's teach you a bit about our Topsy Turvy masterpieces!

There is so much detail needed in both the creation of the cake layers (LOTS of carving takes place) and the decoration.  The whole tilted aspect of the cake is a visual play....the tiers do not actually slant and sit that crooked.  There are levels carved into each cake tier that allow the layers to sit nice and sturdy.  

Our decorators work on some of the decoration pieces that will go on these cakes for a whole week because we work with fondant and it needs ample time to harden prior to assembly.  The cake itself is usually carved, iced and stacked within a few hours.

We prefer to stick to a more sturdy poundcake flavor when doing the Mad-Hatter cakes.  The risk of filling sliding or oozing is no fun, so we just avoid that situation.  Using poundcake also helps the slices but less messy and easier to cut.

We do not require customers to cover their cake in fondant, but most of the time the decoration will need to done from fondant icing.  The majority of our orders have the cake iced with a cream cheese or buttercream icing......YUMMY!

These cakes are just so fun, unique and creative.   Get in touch to place an order for yours!