May 11, 2011

S is for Stunning!

Back on we go with the continuation of the alphabet of Maxie B's!

We do lots of wedding cakes this time of year.  Some whimsical, some traditional and some just absolutely stunning!

"S" is for STUNNING!

No matter whether the cake is designed after a custom dress detail, an invitation or a simple theme.....I must say, we make some amazing wedding cakes.  The best thing is that not only do they look amazing, the taste is out of this world as well!

Here is a cake that we designed last weekend which I completely fell in love with!  
It is so simple, but still elegant and very Maxie B's~

A traditional tiered cake with a whipped finish
A delicate bow adorned with a borrowed brooch....priceless!

These are other cakes that were fun to do, too!

An outdoor wedding at Walnut Lane in Pleasant Garden....everything was in bloom, even the cake! 

An Indian inspired cake.....the Mehndi details are done by hand, personalized for the bride.

Wedding by the sea.  This beach themed cake is perfect for a destination wedding or a more intimate event in town.