April 11, 2011

I is for I Can't Believe It's Yogurt!

Remember when?????
circa 1988, Battleground Ave., Greensboro...the same spot we are in now!

In case you don't know the whole story behind Maxie B's...here we go! 

We began as an I Can't Believe It's Yogurt franchise store back in August of 1985 over on West Market Street.  I had come up with the idea of opening a frozen yogurt shop while I was studying at UNC-CH, and spent the summer after graduation building our first shop.  We then opened a second location in Greensboro about 2 1/2 years later (the same location on Battleground that we are still in!).  Over the years, I continued to notice how many people struggled to remember our name...it was soooooo long!  It became apparent that if folks did not know our name after 16 years....they probably were not going to ever know it.  So...my husband thought of a really cute and personal name for the shops....Maxie B's, after our first two pugs, Max and Bitterman!  I loved it!  We then set about dreaming of all the things we could sell under the name Maxie B's...not just frozen yogurt!  Well....it just so happened that I was pregnant with our son at the time and was craving chocolate cake.  I began baking at home...and the rest is now as you see us today.  Cake, cake, and more cake!  We love that people responded to the new name, the baked-from-scratch cakes from old, Southern recipes, and our continued efforts to keep a small business afloat through the years. 

We still sell frozen yogurt, now made from a local dairy in Spivey's Corner.  We still make frozen yogurt or ice cream cakes on special request for customers who remember them from back when!  And I even still get Christsmas cards from Julie Brice, the woman who started the I Can't Believe It's Yogurt franchise out of Dallas, TX as a college student at SMU herself.  She sold the company several years back and is a proud Mom of two handsome boys and wife to a fun-loving hubby...(who is also a great golfer...he played the GGO in the early 90's!)  She taught me so much and inspired me to work as hard as I could to create success.  We have not seen each other in many years now, but as I left the franchise, she wished me well, and I know she still does.  Perhaps we should ship her family a cake!