April 9, 2011

H is for Homeland Creamery!

As Summer approaches, it will soon be the peak season for ice cream.  We have lots of options in our shop for you to pick from.....but one of the best things we have to offer is our Homeland Creamery Ice Cream!

"H" is for Homeland Creamery!

As of last Summer, we are happy to serve fresh, homemade ice cream from the Homeland Creamery Dairy in Julian, NC.  The Bowman's are in their sixth generation to operate the dairy on the family homestead since the 1930's. 

In addition to their tasty ice creams, they also sell a variety of milks, buttermilk, butter,  eggnog and beef.  Homeland Creamery Dairy has about 200 cows that keep up with the needs to produce it all on a daily basis.  The cows are fed hay, grains and feed grown right on their farmland, which means the cows are free from hormones and antibiotics.

The creamery is located at 6506 Bowman Rd, Julian, NC and is open Monday through Friday from 9a to 6p and on Sundays from 1p to 6p.  You can arrange a tour of the dairy by reservation.  As Summer creeps up on us, the creamery is sure to be very busy.....as will we with lots of cones Homeland Creamery ice cream scooped daily!