January 17, 2010

Wonderful children's photographer...Andrea Halsey!

Our family had a lovely dinner at a friend's home last night...only to be treated to a very special book of photographs by local photograper, Andrea Halsey, of Bridget's most recent pregnancy with their son, Camden.

I had never seen one of these photo books before...but, WOW. So touching, sweet....and what a great treasure to keep for the ages. Forget all those binders of pictures that have everyone in them, but really do not capture the moment. A book such as this really documents that phrase, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Andrea actually photographed some adorable little girls in Maxie B's one day last year....visit her blog (the very first story that pulls up...CALLING ALL MY GIRLS) to see the pictures and learn more about her studio on State Street here in Greensboro. http://www.andreahalsey.com/blog/?id=239

Creating a family memory book like she can do should be on all of our "To Do" lists for 2010!