January 13, 2010

Student's Open House this Tuesday, Jan 19th from noon to 3pm!

This is a reminder that our bakery open house for students in the area is this upcoming Tuesday, Jan 19th, from noon until 3pm. If you are interested in coming, please e-mail us at info@maxieb.com to advise. Include your name, telephone number, and the school which you attend!

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes and join our gals in the kitchen for a mid-day shift in our bakery world! We will try to give you some visual experience (i.e. watch our girls create) and some hand's on time with rolling fondant, mixing icing, etc. Bring any questions you may have for those school papers and projecgts so many of you have been working on!

We look forward to seeing you!

Robin and the staff at Maxie B's

Please read the earlier post on this from September, 2009, for more info!