June 18, 2009

Hanging Grapevine Balls (are so delightful to look at!)

So many of you continue to ask where the grapevine balls come from...so here is the answer!

Brena International....www.brenainternational.com or 800-722-0674. They have a minimum order of $100.....and also sell the brown lights that you will need to string in them to light them up at night.

I will be taking orders for them for the fall/holiday season and will sell them at cost to our customers. All orders will need to be pre-paid, and we will have a demonstration ball here at the shop to show how to wrap the lights around them. They look great just on the ground or in the top of a flower pot, also! Tucked in clusters of 3 or so, they are even attractive on a patio. We leave ours up all year!

If you are interested in ordering...please e-mail me at info@maxieb.com to get on my list of folks to contact. Please include your telephone number as well!

I wish everyone a lovely day!