June 18, 2009

Focus on our local farmers..

We are so fortunate to have such wonderful farmers to work with! Our frozen yogurt is made in Spivey's Corner, NC by a 3rd generation family of farmers...Jackson Dairy. The farm has been in existence since 1806. When they bring our yogurt in on Monday mornings...it is often so fresh that it has not yet been frozen! Chris Jackson is a hard-working, old-fashioned man....who seems to enjoy visiting with us for a bit of a change of scenery when he is in! He is always curious to know how business is and welcomes a treat from the bakery for the ride back to the farm! Their yogurt is all natural and free from any hormones....so we always feel good about selling it!

Our PECANS are coming from a local farmer, too! Elbie Powers pecan farm, The Nut House, in Roseboro, NC, ships us fresh pecans that they grind just for us! We then toast them and use them in our cakes!

Our EGGS are delivered weekly by Wards Eggs....home of the happy chicken! You will find them at both of our farmer's markets in town as well.

And this year we worked with a local STRAWBERRY farmer, Tyler Faucette, of Faucette Farms in Brown Summit. What a delight to get those fresh, local berries....organically grown at that!

We look forward to increasing the number of items bought locally as the year progresses! We feel even better about the quality of our ingredients when we KNOW the farmers who deliver them to us!