February 28, 2009

Happy 9th Anniversary to our very own Shannon Barbee!

Think back to March 1, 2000. Where were you? I was here at the Battleground shop training Shannon Peeden (then) to work at I Can't Believe It's Yogurt! She was still in high school and came to work for us after school and on the weekends.

It has been 9 wonderful years since then....and she has become an integral part of our world here at Maxie B's. As she is our Special Events/Wedding Coordinator here, many of you know her from the time she has spent with you helping to create that "perfect" cake for your wedding, parents anniversary, child's birthday, or some other significant occasion in your life. She is creative, thoughtful, patient, and organized. She has boundless energy and enthusiasm....and shares that with each of us here at the shop on a daily basis. Many of our "old timers" know her for always knowing their favorite yogurt flavor or what their child wants the minute they walk in the door!

We had a staff meeting this morning in the bakery and I told all the girls present that none of them would even be here today if not for Shannon. She has steadied me through some really challenging times with the business and in my personal life, too. Having her on my team always makes the rough patches seem smoother and the good times more fun! I truly don't know that I would have continued with the business without her support, encouragement, energy, hard work, and vision.

Now...it is March 1, 2009 and she is just about to have her first child with her husband, Matt. As she enters this new and splendid world of parenthood....I wish her all the joy in the world. Life really comes together after having a baby....I know from the sheer pleasure of having had Jaxon enter my world.

So....here's to you, Shannon! Thanks for all you do for all of us here at Maxie B's....we love you!

Robin, Lewis, Jaxon and the rest of our family at Maxie B's