January 15, 2009

Great source for pine needles, mulch, etc.

Hi all! As the holidays have passed, I am finding myself looking forward to another year in the yard. For those of you who don't know....being out in the yard planting, tidying, pruning, clipping, playing in the dirt....even spreading pine needles (my neighbor, Miss Gayle, thinks I am nuts for the last one!!!) is my favorite way to spend time outside of work!

We are blessed to have a rather rambling yard with some outbuildings right here in the city....who knew such was possible?! My husband, Lewis, putters in his shop. Our son, Jaxon, plays outdoors (even helps me some!). And I just move from spot to spot doing what needs to be done. We watch the birds (and the squirrels!!!), have picnic lunches at one of our several eating areas outside, and stay out until dark. Then we may just build a fire in the pit and order a pizza from Sticks and Stones and stay out a while longer! If only we had an outdoor bathroom....hmmmm? A new project for Mr. Davis!!!

Anyway....we have used Nicholson Farms for our pine needles for several years now. Turns out, they are a pretty interesting story in and of themselves....check their website! http://www.nicholsonfarms.com/

for the scoop. I have already placed my first order for the year...I can't wait 'til their truck pulls into our driveway full of fluffy needles to make the flower beds look neat again! We usually get up orders from several of our neighbors and the truck just stops off from house to house. It is fun because then we are all out in the yard (spreading pine needles!) doing the same thing at the same time!
Jaxon and I are also weather nuts....so we have started a "rain guage tally" for 2009 at our house. We are faithfully emptying our rain guage and marking it on our calendar to compare to the tally from the Weather section of the paper. So far...we have received 4.5" this year as compared to the less than 2" in the paper from out at the airport! Good to know....and fun to do!
Happy outdooring it to all of you!