June 24, 2008

A telephone call from Stacey Haines today....

Our first cover shot!

I was almost out the door to meet a friend to celebrate our joint 45th birthdays today when one of our gals (Emily Harden) asked me if I could take a call from a photographer on Line 1. I am so glad that I had just a few minutes to spare!

Turns out that the photographer was Stacey Haines...a fabulous photographer who lives both in Greensboro and New York. She was kind enough to call and introduce herself to me and to share that one of our cakes made the cover of a Canadian decor magazine...."Canadian Home & Country"! The magazine was featuring a story on Stacey's home here in Greensboro. Her kitchen is on the cover....with one of our cakes sitting pretty on the counter on an antique glass cake pedestal.

I love the shot...and her kitchen. So happy! This picture appealed to me more emotionally than all of our wedding shots because it is really the basis for why we bake. Real cakes for real people. Stacey said she and her Mom shared the cake with her neighbors...just the way it should be! (We do that a lot on my street!!!!)

So...visit her site for some really amazing photgraphs...she has quite a gift for capturing a moment in a very special way.

Oh...and be sure to take those phone calls....you never know who is at the other end! Her call made our day today!

PS...her website is: www.staceyhaines.com
(To find our shot....go to Portfolios, then In Print.)