June 23, 2008

One Great Shop!

Our old kitchen...tight quarters! Good thing we all got along so well! What you see is it...oh, and we had a POD out back in the parking lot for dry storage!

Lisa, Olivia, Elizabeth, and Katie...all working away! (I made this picture while loading cakes to take over to the Battleground shop!)

Our ovens doubled as tables!

The entry into our new kitchen....

Voila!!! Our new kitchen!


Most of you know this already...but it seems that Google is still confused!

We closed our West Market St. location last summer and doubled our space here on Battleground. We had outgrown our old space...as it was never really designed to be that to begin with. Aside from it being too small...one of us (usually me) had to start the day by picking up all the cake orders from the West Market shop and delivering them over to the Battleground shop. This took several hours and had just gotten to be too much!

So....enjoy a few pics of the old kitchen, then the new. You will see why we are just so happy to have ONE GREAT SHOP!