January 2, 2014

It's A New Year!

With the holiday season coming to a quick end it’s hard to believe another year has past. Many of our staff have traveled home to spend time with loved ones and welcomed family here in town! We’ve been chatting the week away about our holidays, brainstorming New Year's resolutions, and finishing off endless amounts of leftovers.

2013 has brought about so many wonderful changes here in the shop, from an ever growing and wonderful staff to our first full year in our new parlor addition. During busy nights in the shop it’s hard to remember what we did before the expansion. It feels like just last month we were entertaining the idea! What walls will we knock down? Where will the door go? How about seating? What should the floors look like? Can we get another fireplace?

We are so thrilled to think of how much we’ve grown over the years. August 2015 will mark our 30th year in business! Wow! It’s crazy to think that date will be here before we know it. It’s been over a decade since we began the transition towards cake. Still seeing regular customers who grew with us through that transition is absolutely heart warming! Walking through the shop on a Saturday night to see so many smiling faces and tables packed with friends and family enjoying a cozy night together is such a wonderful sight. 

We hope your year has been great and that 2014 will treat you even better! Thank you to everyone who included us as a part of their 2013 memories!

Photographs by Hannah Fairweather of Thirsty World