January 31, 2013

Local and Fresh!

We know that many of you are trying to be more conscious of where your food is coming from these days....are we are happy to say that buying local is a focus of ours.  You can certainly tell the difference when fresh ingredients are used; especially when they are delivered to our bakery right off of the farm!

EGGS:  Our eggs come from Ward’s Farm, right up the street in McLeansville, NC.  We get two runs each week.
PECANS:  The Pecans that are used in our cakes year round come from Elbie Powers, The Nut House in Roseboro, NC.

MILK:  The milk we use in our cakes and to drink with cake slices, chocolate milk used to make hot chocolate, homemade eggnog that we sell by the cup & use to flavor our eggnog yogurt, whipping cream that is whipped to top our key lime pies and  the variety of ice Cream flavors we have in stock each day all come from Homeland Creamery in Julian, NC.

YOGURT:  Our Frozen Yogurt Mix is delivered to us from Jackson Dairy in Dunn, NC.

STRAWBERRIES:  Of course, we use local strawberries in our Fresh Strawberry Buttercream Cake and other recipes in the shop.  These come from various local farms in season!