July 25, 2012

Let's eat cake......on Bald Head Island!

Robin, Lewis, Jaxon and Maxine are getting to enjoy some family time on Bald Head Island this Summer.....and how can you have a vacation without Maxie B's cake?  You can't!!!  So we shipped a couple of care packages to make life good.
We thought you all would enjoy seeing packages from Maxie B's arrive to the Post Office on the island.  We packed up cakes in the bakery and then shipped them on their way where lots of watering mouths were waiting for a taste of something sweet!
There is a very slim window of opportunity to retrieve the cakes once they made their way to the island.......between 1p and 3p is what you have to work with!
Getting there by way of golf cart is always fun.....
And having such a cute little place to pickup your mail is even better!
The cakes made it there in perfect shape and all the lucky ones on the island that were able to indulge...they LOVE some Maxie B's dessert!