March 1, 2012

Happy 12th Anniversary to our Shannon!

Today marks the 12th Anniversary of Shannon Barbee at our shop! 

Many of you know Shannon because she has helped to create a special cake for your family...perhaps for a wedding, baby shower, birthday, or anniversary of some sort!  She is so great to work with....both for you all and for us at Maxie B's! 

Shannon always brings positive energy and enthusiasm and a "can do" attitude to work with her!  When our shop is the busiest is when she is happiest!  On a recent Saturday, I was in the back of the cafe washing dishes and plating cakes and guiding our girls as they navigated the waters of a busy Saturday in the bakery.  Meanwhile, we had a baby shower (or 2) going on our front parlour, a line of customers to the door most of the day, and a few cake deliveries going out of the shop.  What was Shannon up to?  She was booked solidly all day with folks wanting to create wedding cakes for later this year.  The funny thing was...she had to meet with her appointments in the middle of our kitchen at the baking island because all of the tables and chairs in the shop were full and the parlour was already reserved all day.  But in great Shannon style...she took up shop in the kitchen and made everyone feel welcome...almost a "behind the scenes" type of appointment! 

This past year was an exciting one for us all at the shop with our first publicity in Southern Living Magazine...September '11 and January '12 issues!  Shannon was right there to help us navigate our new challenges with the growth....heading up our shipping program to get our cakes delivered safely to customers all over the country! 

We have more exciting plans in the works for Maxie B's this year..(more to come soon!)...and Shannon will be behind the scenes guiding us smoothly along!  Don't hesitate to call on her if you need her...she is super at what she does and will make your day better just for having talked to her!

Thanks Shannon...we would not be the same without you.  As for me personally....I don't know that I would still be doing this if I had not had your support all these years.  You make me want to come to work and see just what we can do!  Cheers to you!


Shannon's wedding several years back...(of course we did her cake!)

Shannon with Heather Pinho at the shop, Holiday 2010.  (Small world, Shannon introduced me to Heather when she chose her to photograph her wedding...and then a few years later, Heather joined our Maxie B's family to work in the bakery and to take on the fun challenge of updating our website and shooting all of the photographs that you see on it!  She now creates all of our graphics...from gift certificates to menus to shipping inserts for our cakes travelling to other places!)

At one of Don's wedding shows back in our early wedding days!

Celebrating the anniversary of another co-worker (Whitney's 5th!) at Proximity Hotel...Printworks Bistro!  We all loved that special lunch!
A shot of her firstborn, Brayden.  Photo by Heather Pinho!

And the family grows....her are Brayden and Daddy Matt welcoming little Miss Addie!

Saying farewell to one of our crew (Elisa, who was also pictured in the SL article in Jan!) at a gathering at our house last summer!

No matter what Maxie B's is up to...Shannon is tied into it in a big way.  We love her and are grateful to her for making Maxie B's part of her world!