November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving decor

Through many searches for ideas to decorate the table for Thanksgiving dinner next week, I came across several great ideas.  Better Homes and Gardens had lots of inspirational photos and I wanted to share some easy centerpieces with you....take a peek at the pics, and if you like the ideas just follow the site below to read more about them!

What a fun project.....pit out the pumpkins and load them up with sprigs pulled out of the yard!

Chic...You just need a little paint, some glitter and ta-dah! 

This one is actually from Martha Stewart, but I couldn't resist.  Vibrant colors set the mood for Thanksgiving dinner.

My favorite!!  Lots of greenery and a touch of it all...classic. 

Put those gourds to use....find some tall ones and fill them with bold, happy flowers!

Vintage vases and mugs are a great way to dress up a naked table....browse your cabinets to find something you haven't pulled out in a while. 

Veggie delight!  Core out some random vegetables and add a candle or two.....calming and peaceful~