November 26, 2011

Show it off!

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we are now on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree...the best gift of the season...the tastiest recipe for the family is time to also think about all of those cards that will be showing up in your mailbox!

There are so many fun ways to display those cards and make them a part of your holiday decoration, too!  Take a peek at some of these great ideas for showing off your spirit at home or in the office~

A few thick pieces of ribbon are the right background for draping your walls or doors with love.  You can hot glue, pin or velcro the cards to the sash.

One of my personal favorites, a festive tree.  The cards just need to have little pieces of ribbon looped on the tops so that they can dangle from the branches.  This one is really inexpensive because you can take a quick stroll in the neighborhood and collect branches.....for free!

A memory board is something nice to use because when 2012 rolls around, you can just take down the cards and swap them out for photos of the family from the year past.

To keep to a traditional look, add some greenery to the staircase or even the mantle.  You can attach cards with a little ribbon right to the banister, or clip them to the garland if you want.

With so much of the vintage flair worked in decorating these days, shutters are the perfect accent to any oepn space.  An easy swag of twine, some paint and a few clothes pins are all you need to create this colorful backdrop.

Years ago, we used to sell these fabric garlands in the shop.  It is a great way to bring any shade of color(s) to your space and an easy way to display photos or cards during the holiday season.  We will have an instructional blog coming soon on how to make your own fabric garland!!!

Okay, time to get crafty before all of those cards pile up......Happy Holidays!