November 29, 2011

Fabric Garland How-to

Last night after my little Addie-bug went to bed, it was time for Brayden and I to start our arts & crafts session.  He was so excited and could not wait to climb up to our dining room table to help mom.

The mission to accomplish...make a colorful fabric garland that we could use to hang our Christmas cards on this year.  It was a really easy project, and with a little prep work...very enjoyable for kids.

Before we got started, I gathered some inexpensive fabric and a ribbon, along with twine and scissors.  The fabric was a mix of patterns and solid colors that all coordinated, and I did sneak in a fun printed ribbon for some contrasting materials.  

I got a little jump start before Brayden joined in by tearing strips of fabric so he wasn't around the scissors.  The strips were varying widths (1" to 2.5") but approximately 9" long.  I tethered a long piece of twine to one of our dining room chairs, put a small knot in the end of the twine and we got to work.  The project is a bit monotonous, but very easy once you get your groove.  You simply want to tie each strip of fabric in a basic knot over and over and over and over and over again.

You can choose how long your garland ends up being, just make sure to alternate the colored strips and keep pushing them all together as you tie the knots.  The tighter you cinch the fabric strips together, the fuller the garland will be.  

Once you have reached the desired length for your garland, simply knot the end of the twine.  If you want to add some clips or decorative safety pins to random strips of fabric to secure photos or cards, add them now and you are ready to hang it up.

I even brought it up to Maxie B's for a little show and tell....more to come!