August 9, 2011

Raffaldini Vineyards

I had the wonderful task Saturday of delivering a wedding cake to Ronda, NC.  Although we have done several weddings at Raffaldini Vineyards, I have never been the one to actually go and set up a wedding cake there. 

Following the direction of our navigation system, I was directed to turn left here, right there, go around the corner and find this was taking me into the middle of nowhere, it seemed.  As I got to the last road to turn on, I approached a gravel road.  I must admit, there was no road sign to confirm I was on the right path........and the gravel road somewhat scared me as I thought about the cake and how long this road could possibly go on.  It ends up that I was able to drive 5 MPH and after almost 1 mile, I saw such a breath-taking view of the main house on the property!

It was worth the drive and the love that went into successfully getting there.  The vines of grapes seemed endless, and the landscape around the villa was inviting.  

It soon became a favorite venue and I could not wait to share it with everyone.  Here are some shots of the vineyard, but be sure to visit their website for more shots.

Oh, we can't forget the cake we delivered.....this was for Eric & Michelle (Bystrom) Brewer!