August 26, 2011

Briard Tribute

Last month we had an inquiry about the possibility of our girls designing a cake in celebration of the Briard.  We worked closely with Ellen Myers to create a fabulous cake that truly honored this breed of dog & it was on show for the Briard National Banquet Dinner earlier this month.  

Elizabeth Volinski stepped up and made this amazing cake which showcased the love of the breed, and held true to the "Southern Hospitality" theme for the dinner.   We learned lots about this dog....and just think it is a big 'ole cuddle bug!

The cake was covered in fondant which Elizabeth then hand-painted the details.  The Briard up on top of the cake was custom carved by hand and airbrushed.  There was a lot of time spent on this one, and it shows!

Here are some shots of the great work of art~