July 11, 2011

Men...single file, please!

This past weekend we had several events that we worked on, but I would have to say that the most memorable one was a groom's cake we created for Cory's wedding rehearsal.  We were able to work with Cory Evans on a cooler shaped cake that brought all of the men around for a look.

I delivered this cake to Starmount Country Club on Friday and it took a few minutes to set up.  The staff there, I could tell, were looking over my shoulder to see what was going on....finally I had to leave the room for a minute.  I was amazed when I came back in for a final shot of the finished product to see that the entire kitchen staff was in the process of filing out of the kitchen in a single file line to see what we had just delivered.

Olivia Allen worked on this order and she did a fabulous job!!!  The cooler cake is the first we have done, but I am sure we will have lots more on order in the future.  

The mother of the groom called us this morning to follow up and it seems that this was the talk of the weekend, with all of the groom's friends emailing pictures of the cake to others that were not there......and phones being pulled out on the following day at the wedding to show pictures to accompany conversation about how amazing the cake was.

We love custom cakes and were thrilled to be a part of their wedding weekend!