June 20, 2011

Vintage Vibes...

When it comes to weddings, flowers are everywhere this year!   We have met with lots of brides who want floral cascades, clusters of blossoms and even some handmade gumpaste blooms.

The more vintage style is one of my favorites....and this is one wedding cake that pulls it off effortlessly.  There are over 100 handmade flowers on this five tiered work of art.  Elizabeth Volinski created this cake for a wedding we worked on for Andy Lanier & Ivy Talley Lanier at Proximity Hotel on June 11th.

There was tons of time put in to making each of these one by one, but it is an amazing finish and a memorable cake for us.

The design when seen close up reminds me of a delicate applique for a dress or even a handmade lace tablecloth at my grandmother's home.....priceless!