May 30, 2011

W is for Wedding Weekends!

We had our first really busy wedding weekend for 2011....whew, glad we all survived!  It is just the start of the season now, but we have already had one really unique cake for the took the show for the weekend.  

"W" is for Wedding Weekends!

We had a bride that approached us at the start of the year and asked us to create something special for her wedding at Castle McCulloch in Jamestown, NC.  The theme for her wedding was a Storybook Fairytale and we picked her brain about all of the details she wanted incorporated onto her cake.  After months of planning, we finally got it all together and this is what we came up open storybook with a tree growing out  of the fairy tale and a hillside full of flowers guiding you up to a castle at the top.  

It all started with a carved base that was an open book....."Once upon a time..."!

The starting point of all of the decoration....the tiers are being shaped to eventually become a hillside of blossoms!

 We built a winding path of fondant stepping stones so the Prince can find his Princess!

The tree has set its roots....

LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of handmade buttercream flowers!

Lisa adds the final touches of "fairy dust".....

....and it is done!  Ready for the party~