April 21, 2011

N is for The Nut House!

If you have ever had our Hummingbird Cake, a piece of Seafoam Candy, a slice of our Pecan Pie or a topping of chopped pecans on your frozen yogurt....you have had pecans fresh from the tree!  We purchase our pecans from a farm in Eastern North Carolina~

"N" is for The Nut House!

The Nut House is in Roseboro, NC and their crop is fresh water irrigated.  Elbie is your go-to-fellow there and is happy to get some fresh pecans in your hands.  You can order from them online or give him or his wife, Becky, a call to place an order.  They sell Pecan Halves which are scrumptious, Chocolate Covered Pecan Halves, Crunchy Sugar Cinnamon Pecans as well as In-Shell Pecans.