April 2, 2011

B is for Bakery!

If you don't already know the story to how Maxie B's became what it is today.......just wait until we get to the letter "I" to find it all out.  

"B" is for BAKERY!  Over the years, the look of the shop, the location of the bakery and the equipment we use has changed with the seasons.  Robin and Lewis have both put lots of sweat, tears and love in the shop to make it the cozy and quaint shop you know today. 

Our bakery is now located on Battleground Avenue and we bake all of our goodies in house, from scratch.  We have a very talented team of bakers/decorators/prep gals that create the magic and it is truly a group effort to accomplish all that we do each and every day.  

We have upgraded over the years from when the bakery was located on West Market Street in Greensboro, and I think you will agree that it is all for the better.  

When our venture into baking first began it was just Robin in her house baking and icing solo. She baked in her normal home oven and brought the cakes to the shops to sell.  Once baking was able to transition "in house" to our shop on West Market Street, we doubled the ovens that were used, but still were baking on home ovens.  The space was very limited and it was a juggling act to find space for everything.....and more importantly, every body!

You could literally stretch your arms from table to table on each wall and that was it
.....somehow we made it work!!!

When the time finally came for us to break out of the nest, we ended up relocating and expanding at the Battleground location that had been there for years.  We acquired lots of extra room, lots of extra equipment and lots of extra people!!!  

The shop was nice and shiny and new and WONDERFUL!

We have broken it in a bit over the last four years.....and are busier than we have EVER been!  We have larger pieces of equipment to keep up with the volume, a staff of 9 in the bakery itself (lots more on the cafe side) and we have managed to fill every bit of open space we had available.

We have two commercial ovens that allow us to bake a ton more at one time, as well a more a lot more counter space.

We have a "monster" in the shop.....a gigantic mixer that we make cake batter on daily.
(it could eat a small person)

....and flat top burners now with beautiful stainless hoods!

Life is good and we are loving our bakery!