March 30, 2011

Growing Pains

We are in the midst of gearing up for the Summer fun here at the bakery with weddings on the horizon as well as just the normal rush that comes from the Triad wanting our cake day after day after day (thank goodness!).  We appreciate all of the support the community has had for our shop and our cakes!!

We are looking to bring a couple of fresh personalities in the Dessert Cafe for both day and night opportunities, so if you are interested or know someone who is.......fill out an application and drop it by the shop OR email it completed to:

Shannon Barbee,
Robin Davis,


Application for Employment at Maxie B’s

Today’s Date:
Your Name:
Your Local Address:
Your Permanent Address:
Your Local Telephone Number:
Cellular Number:
E-Mail address:

Education:  Describe high school, college, further study (especially culinary/pastry)
If currently enrolled in high school or college, when will you graduate?

~Are you looking for a full time or part time position?
~Do you have any work experience that applies to working @ our shop?
      (Customer Service,   Bakery, Retail, Desserts)

         *Please describe:

~Why would you like to work here?

~Are you acquainted with anyone who works at Maxie B’s?

~What is the longest period of time you have remained at a job?
        *What is the name of that business and a contact person with telephone number?

        *Why did you leave?

~Have you always given at least 2 weeks notice before leaving a job?
~Have you ever been terminated from a job?
~List 3 places of employment with dates, contact names and numbers, please!

~Do you consider yourself:    Dependable      Honest     Prompt    Hard-working     Creative                  Solution-oriented     Detail-oriented     Happy            ________ (what else?!)

~What is your work availability?
(Note:  We are open nights and weekends and all staff are required to be available for some of those shifts!  We are a team!)

Our mission:

To be the best neighborhood gathering place.
We believe people are the most important part of Maxie B’s.
Each person makes a difference every day!

We strive to be excellent, not average.
Everything matters.

We encourage personal success by providing
Growth and learning opportunities.

Life is short.
Enjoy and be challenged by what you do!

We thank you for applying with us.
By signing below, I promise that the information that I have provided is accurate and true. I understand and agree, if hired, that should I be convicted of a felony, any crime involving dishonesty, breach of trust, controlled substances, sexual misconduct, abuse or violence that Maxie B’s will be notified immediately. I also understand that Maxie B’s workers compensation insurance does require a post-accident drug test should a mishap occur.

Applicant’s signature: __________________________________