February 19, 2011

Bakery Play Day

Meet Bryana!  She is 7 and has big plans for her mom's birthday today.  She has sent out Facebook invites to all of the guests and had a hand in the planning of it all....most importantly, the cake~

Bryana came in the bakery today with Heather, a staff member here at the shop.  Starting bright and early, she got to work right away on decorating her first cake ever.  With colors bags galore to choose from, she picked out five shades that were perfect for her mom's birthday cake.  Sketch in hand, she put right on the cake what she had planned on paper!  Heather helped her along with all of the finishing touches, but we think we may have a future staff member in mind.......11 years from now anyways.  While decorating this beautiful masterpiece, she kept saying, "I really need to work here".  I have to say, she did a really nice job!

Heather and Bryana getting started...

Fondant daisies to go on at the end

The perfect shoes for decorating a cake!

Start with a blue border...

Got to make time to videotape the progress!

Coloring in the petals for the flowers.....had to be five petals on top!

Each petal needs purple stripes!

Future cake decorator...

Time to add dots to the center of the daisies...

All done....just needs writing!

When she was all done and admiring her work, she summed it all up by saying, "It almost looks like a wedding cake, don't you think?"