January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Heather & Sara!

When there is a reason to celebrate, we do it right......with FOOD! 

One tradition we keep in the bakery is POT LUCK! When there is a birthday, a baby, an anniversary.... really just whatever....we all bring in goodies for lunch.  Lots of good food with lots of good friends~

Today the reason is BIRTHDAYS!!  
Happy Birthday to Heather & Sara.....much love~

Here are some pics of our lunchtime feast...

Roasted vegetables and mixed greens

Heather living it up...Happy Birthday!

Delicious Vegetable Curry

We heart you Sara....love the hat!

What is left of our Veggie Pizza

It wouldn't be a party without a Maxie B's Cake!

Sushi Rice Salad...YUM!