December 27, 2010

Holiday festivities~

As we all geared up for Christmas, things got a little crazy in the shop.  Lots of laughs, lots of sugar and lots of CAKE!

Here are some shots from the Maxie B's family during the holiday fun~

Abby behind one of our mountain-o-boxes!

Elizabeth & Lisa in action.

Whitney working on Banana Pudding...amidst the sea of caramel icing on the stove!

Jennifer & Sara baking away....and still smiling~

Shannon & Heather making sure everyone knows we have cake!

The crumb coat is for the final layer.

Just the beginning of our Christmas the start of Friday there isn't room to walk in this cooler.

After our delivery of sugar, Kate found a nice place to take a break~

Even though we had hundreds of standard cake orders, there were still those custom cakes to make, too.   Lisa is doing a great job with this 40th birthday cake!