October 30, 2010

Meet Emily....and learn about the birth of the bakery!

Meet Emily Yount.....she came into Maxie B's life back in the Summer of 2007.  We normally don't bring on new family for just the Summertime, but there was something about Emily that we just couldn't resist!  Her bright smile, kind heart and personality drew us right in.  After being with us for the Summer it was back to school for her in Chapel Hill (Robin's Alma matter) for the Fall/Winter semester.  She traveled to Spain somewhere in there and always came back to her Maxie B's home during Summers and on breaks from school.  She graduated from UNC in early 2010 and has since interned at a newspaper in Atlanta and recently moved to Spain to teach!!!  What a busy girl~ 

At one point in her college career, she traveled to London with Dr. Unks, a trip that Robin shared with the same professor while at UNC.  The similarities were all too funny and recently Emily worked on a project sharing the history of Robin at UNC, her love for business and how Maxie B's came to be.  

Take a moment to watch the video and hear about it all right from Robin~
(password:  maxieb)