April 16, 2009

Our first grandchild arrives, March 27..Welcome Baby Mason!

We are so pleased to announce the arrival of our first grandchild, Mason Thomas Davis, on March 27, 2009, to our son, Tad, and his wife, Michelle, in Raleigh.

Mom, Dad, and Baby Mason are doing just great! He seems to have the laid back personality of his parents and is content to be bathed, swaddled, kissed by the pups, rubbed on the head by his loving Uncle Jaxon, or whatever his army of servants deems necessary at the time! He is going to be a lot of fun this one!

Our little Jaxon is officially an uncle now! Here Uncle Jaxon gets to hold his first baby! He is so proud!

Jaxon snuggles with Mason as does Mommy Michelle!

Daddy Tad gets to hold him a minute!

Mason in action!

Mason looking intently at his Mother after an afternoon bath. So incredibly sweet...my eyes were watering as I made the photo!

More shots to come!
We are so very happy to have him here!